Allergies And Curlies.

We are starting to get a small curly breeding herd happening. It wasn't something we planned. And it definitely wasn't something we sought out until realizing just how many children and adults suffer allergies to equines and yet still highly desire to be around them. We didn't even know such things existed until one showed up at the barn. Our first thoughts were OH WOW That Looks like a CHIA PET on steroids or something. And then when she lost her Mane and Tail... we were more than a little freaked out. I did some research thinking that perhaps it was something that she could pass on to our horses. And found out that she is an extreme curl. They are known to always produce curly babies even when bred to non curly horses. While we were still a little creeped out by that. We thought it was very cool that people with allergies could be around her with no issues. It was another couple of years before we actually ended up getting a curly. Our introduction to the wonderful world of Miniature and Small Pony Curlies happened in 2007. A business arrangement between us and Ellen Bancroft. We went down to pick up Miniatures one to be bred. Upon arriving at her farm she had little curlies.... intrigued she showed us her herd of Curly Ponies. I loved *Skipper from day one... his blue eyes and stunning pinto color not to mention his permed hair drew my eyes. So when given the opportunity to work with him I jumped on it. I learned so much and he learned so much. And when it came time to give him back to Ellen it was so hard to see him go. So when Ellen several months later was thinning her herd and was debating whether to put *Skipper up for sale or not I jumped on him... Even though I did not need or want another pony or miniature at the time. I had a paint stallion (Denny) and a Miniature stallion. And what on earth was I going to do with a curly.... I didn't know. But I decided I would show him. And the only shows around were Sport Horse and Pony Shows... so *Skipper went there.... He did so well that he is not allowed to show against the Sport Horses any more. And can be shown in PONY Only Classes. We did a stallion exhibition with him where he out shone the big horses. We bred him to one of our Miniature mares in 2010 and the resulting 2011 foal was stunning. (Kyra resides back at her fathers original home in Washington State with Ellen Bancroft.) We bred all three of our Miniature mares and are expecting then any day now.  The train ability and the personality in these Curlies are simply amazing.

For more information on the hypoallergenic properties of the curlies please visit the following webpage and feel free to look around and of course ask any questions.

ICHO/ NACHR Allergies And Curlies Page

Ellen Bancroft's Webpage.

Curly Hair is more like a fiber and is being used in so many different ways check out the

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